Mothers’ day??

Yet another mother’s day passed.

While there are pictures and wishes for mother’s all around, have you ever thought that you are conveniently choosing to ignore the toxic hard truth?  Whenever you want a little kid to do some chores for you, all you do is praise the kid at how good he/she is, with that chore. I see exactly this, happening here , when we talk women. You praise her for all that she does, put her on a pedestal, she keeps doing all the donkey work while you sit back and relax. When you thank them for managing a home and a career together, it’s  mostly because of our society’s poison – that it is the right thing to do or that’s what women does or should.

Sure, ‘respect’ it is.

Let’s get real. Not every mother “wanted” to be one. Is motherly love ‘un’conditional for real? Is every mother able to love another person unconditionally after giving up everything she loves? Some, maybe. But not all. Many are mother’s because of the pressure to be one and they’re tied up with the responsibility of raising a whole person, for the rest of their lives! Are they happy for real, doing that? Nobody admits. Nobody asks. Its assumed so because that’s how it is right?

It shouldn’t have to be.

Nature is not unfair to anyone. Everyone is made a certain way. Physically, a woman has the responsibility to nurture a child. But does she really want to?  May be we should sit back and think about how conveniently we put responsibilities on a mother’s shoulder. Neither does she question. Or we haven’t shown her the way to think like that, under the shadow of “that’s how it is”. Let’s please stop complaining and instead of just sitting back, leg on leg, and “respecting” the ladies, treat everyone as humans, do your own damn chores.

Its high time that we stop keeping oppressed and suppressed women and the derogatory mindset on a pedestal.


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