Fix it

“Shhhh…. listen. Do you hear that noise?
I told you to keep the windows locked, but you never listen to me, never.”
Now see what a mess it has become, I will have to clean up everything now.
“Are you listening or have you become deaf ?”
“Nobody listen to me. Nobody cared to listen. They all presume I would understand. Remember I told you, I don’t like things unorganized, I want everything to be in its place as it is suppose to be. People say I got that from my dad, yeah I surely did, but did I ever tell you how I got it from him? Well, he beated the shit out of me to make sure I comply to his norms of “organised”. He always saw something broken in me which he tried to fix and gave this as an excuse everytime he beat me up. “I am trying to fix you” he would say, look now I have inculcated this trait so perfectly, of fixing things.”
“You are listening right? Wait let me close that window I can’t hear your voice.”
She got up and closed the window.
“Now I can hear you. So where were we….., oh yes ! So you see I told you not to make mess of things, but you do anyway. He doesn’t like it. I don’t like it. And darling, this time you crossed that line. I don’t like things to be misplaced, all you had to do was listen but you didn’t now see what did you made me do.”
“Shhhhhh…. don’t worry it will all be fine. I will fix everything. Why aren’t you answering? You know it annoys me. Speak up, say something. Oh wait you can’t, because he made sure of that. I told him not to be that stringent with you, but you see he won’t listen he never did. I didn’t wanted this to happen but I can’t defy him, you see I am scared of him. He told me to make it bloody, otherwise he would beat the life out of me this time. I had no choice.
Don’t worry it will all end soon. Everything will be fine.”
While he struggled to make a noise, she held him in her arms, and kept saying this over and over sitting on the floor with blood spilled all over.
“Are you listening ? ”
She shook him, but it was too late, he was already dead.
“What a pity !! Mom would have liked him”, she caressed his hair.
“Well I suppose, I have got lot of cleaning up to do.”
After she cleaned up the floor, she kept the body in a bag, went to her car and drove to an isolated place, where she burned it.
“YOU know this is the third one you have rejected dad. You can’t keep making me do this everytime you don’t like the guy.”, she said while watching the body burn.
“I loved him you know.”
After the body turned into ashes, she went back to her place, opened the window, and while she was opening it she saw the vase broken on the floor, and sighed, “only if he would have listened to me and stopped being so clumsy, he would have been here with me right now. He should have been more careful with that vase, right dad? After all it was your favourite.”
She collected the broken pieces and kept it on the table.
“What a pity?”, she sighed, poured herself a glass of wine, went to the basement, lit the chimney and sat on her sofa.
“You know I use to hate when people use to call me your exact copy, but over the period of time, I stopped reacting because I realised that they were telling the truth, I like fixing things just like you did. You always tried to fix me all my life And in return of that favour I fixed you didn’t I daddy?”
Sipping her wine she caressed the hair of her dad, sitting on the sofa, dead.

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