I Come From That of a Flower?

I Come From That of a Flower? Flower!
“Don’t go out at night!” “Isn’t that top too tight?” “You won’t be able to do that right” is what I hear daily. Yes, I am a woman, I am a thought. On the glossy side, we are portrayed as ‘majestic’, ‘strong’ and ‘a storm of a blow’ but below this, is where ‘compensations’ and adversities’ grow.

I have my two limbs to stand on and not to satisfy your thirsty peeps, why do you think that we are always ready to sleep?

You are born from us, we are your ships, once we drown, not a speck of you will be perceived! I am a woman, I am a thought, my body didn’t bring my worth, my sufferings brought. Why do you trip over the certitude that we are humans too? Why do you forget that our bodies are precious?

When we are assaulted, you don’t only rape us, you also rape the trust of your mother, the fondness of your sister and the belief of that female friend of yours who thinks that you are a man of love! We lay quiet and you pollute our bodies, but remember, it’s a matchstick which ignites a fire, and just a blow which pushes a gust of dust forward!

Your thoughts swim in the pool of old beliefs, but they’ll drown soon because hotter than the sunrise is the afternoon. We aren’t meant to be quiet, no that’s not verity, why when I roam around late at dawn, need security? Call me Nirbhaya, I am Manisha, I am every girl suffering, I will go higher and higher on this rosy swing.

Answer Me  : Why is my body your responsibility? Why do I have so many insecurities? Why should I be coy? Why should I let myself drown in masculine power?


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