I Won’t Judge You

Now that you are no more
In this cruel world, you are being questioned
You are being blamed, for your act
You are called a coward who escaped life
Life, which they call a beautiful gift !!

It was no age to leave this world
You should have fought hard
Thought of your family and friends
Tried to look for positives
All this is what you are sermoned with

However, I won’t judge you
I understand how it must have felt like
You were a strong being, as we all knew
You must have fought strongly against your problems
Exhausting all the available options

Your last note itself reflects that you weren’t a coward
The love of your kinship stopped you for long
But finally you gained strength that day
To commit the greatest act possible.
It’s not you, but your society which failed
And their blame upon your death
Reflects their guilt !!

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