Is the problem “human” or “his mentality” ??

Expecting change? Then why don’t you start with yourself first!

Is it the resulting solution to march out loud, change the profile picture and status, burn this burn that, blah blah!!

Open your eyes and look at yourself. You have got brains, you have got power to rule over its thoughts. Why can’t you work with people’s mentality, your little hidden march won’t make a permanent impact. You need to work on their thinking, they are all polished with false beliefs and what they need is to change the way they take human. They think a human as an object and that’s never supposed to be accepted. Work on self not others.

Change your mindset and you will find the world changing for you. Have a talk with self and ask do you really need the world to bring it all? Or you yourself has got enough to fight for! Be the person of influencing personality and for your own sake stop comparing and complaining. Since world out here is working for those who cares and dares to up action.

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