It rained again.

Sitting by the window, watching the rain mesmerize me with all its forms,
The thought was always provoking because rain, as a season always confused me of what I should feel,
Seeing all the changes that have happened in the past, it has been weird to feel blissful about it altogether,
The first rain that leaves behind the earthy scent,
It brings back all the memories and those memories leave us with this feeling that can’t be described, maybe.
But, when it was gone..
“Hurt is like rain, it’ll wash away soon”, they said…
But, The feeling of despair never left me somehow,
The Grey’s had gone blue again,
Greens had shed the browns,
The roots were strong,
The dust was gone,
It did bring joy to some,
The soils were moist,
Sky had opened it’s arms for us to soak in it…
And then it rained again,
Bringing back all the memories.

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