Love sorrow

Journey of life is a very long road
You were and you have to be all alone
Many will come many will go
Many will took you
Many will throw to that lonely road all on your own
Everyone has many colours to show
You are nothing but life’s lonely pawn
Untill someone come to you only for you

You and she might be holding hands
On a beach sitting on cold sand
Starring towards the sky
Wondering for the time to stop
Hopping to hold hands
On life’s barren land
Her heart poundering for you
Every single breath for you only for you

But everything have to end
One day she came and say
I am sorry my dear
I have to go in the hands of death my heart go heavy as I hear
We will meet someday afterlife
We will be happy as lovers
Not as mere husband and wife
My heart stopped
All thoughts fleed away
In the hopes of you only for you

In love there is only sorrow
That one of them has to go
And another has to let it go
But now I can’t walk anymore
I want to be with you
Till my breath runs out

At night on calm sea shore
Holding hands
We together are complete
But alone we are nothing
I cried many nights under the pillow
Hoping for you not to go
For you only for you!

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