My encounter with Hemidactylus frenatus

In lay mans lucid words in a peak summer typically in a middle class household an encounter with house lizard is almost inevitable. With lizards renouncing its presence I became more and more conscious but to my surprise or more of a shock I had an encounter when I was off guard watching an immensely intriguing thriller. How ironic ! . The instant I witnessed it creeping on my wall I shrieked with terror. A thudding voice that could be heard miles away. The starkling fear seized me with my heart pounding at a much faster rate. My body parts out of panic failed to retaliate . For a moment I blanked out and turned incogitant but soon I grasped for air and screeched for my mom. Well, this shows an utter lapse of stupidity as it is my father who masters the art of trapping a lizard. Thankfully on hearing my horrific voice he turned out to aid. The scene was followed by my mom accompanying us in this gnarly mission. It was more of a team effort as the frisky lizard bounced from place to place but my father being short sighted remained futile in his efforts to capture a not so homo sapien lizards. With me and my mom daring as much as to be anywhere near it navigated my dad while gripping tight to the pillows on the bed while he continued to labour his efforts in catching a 20 cm long scaler reptile. After nearly 20 minutes of hide and seek and decathalon filled with obstacles surrounding my room which happen to be my day to day use items my father turned out victorious which makes it seem as if he had won war portraying him as a hero but in reality had done nothing but caught a HOUSE LIZARD that too with weapons as lethal as a repellent spray and a mop. But its only fair to say that it was a narrow escape but the very thought that lizard had trespassed nearly everything I used, leaving a trail of evidence gave me a pukish sensation . I was filled with menace still recapitulating my encounter second by second playing on loop in my head at least for a day or so. The incidence was filled with more petrifying emotions than a horror movie and much more excitement than adventures of TINTIN . That sinister little creature with baggy skin and dull tone and tentacles all over its body terrifies me more than any mundane ever can. To disclaimer the fact that I personally do not intent to harm any animals but to maintain a subtle distance and moreover I am not alarmed by presence of any animal other than reptiles in particular LIZARDS .To end on a sarcastic note with a pinch of pragmatism I conclude that we are on a road to recovery from this incidence . LAUGHING EMOJI……….

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