Nagaland – Festivals

The north-eastern state, rightly known as the land of festivals, is home to numerous tribes, each with their unique customs and culture.

Most festivals celebrated in Nagaland represent the elements of life like nature, soil, rejuvenation, and socialization.

Hornbill is one of the most popular festivals of the state, which brings together every tribe. The Mimkut, celebrated by the Kuki tribe, Bushu (by the Kachari tribe), Tsukhenye Festival (by the Chakhesang tribe) and Yemshe (by the Pochury tribe) signifies the various phases of agriculture. In addition, the Rengma tribe of Nagaland is known to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Angami for their Sekrenyi.

hornbill festivals

The Aoleng festival is celebrated during the first week of April every year by the Konyak Naga tribe in Mon district of Nagaland. It marks the onset of the spring season. The Konyak Naga tribe is famous for its headhunting practice and is spread over a vast region of Mon and Myanmar.

sekrenyi festival

With a vast range of festivals and a colorful aura throughout the year, Nagaland is a delight to witness. Despite the changing times, they have succeeded to be able to preserve their culture and continue to cherish it every day.


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