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The Nagaland cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the state which consists of meat and fish, rice and boiled vegetable dishes.

Exotic ingredients like fermented soyabean, bamboo shoots and dry fish are a part of their everyday food. Some of their famous dishes include, Hinkejvu, Akibiye, both made with vegetables boiled and added to them. AkiniChokibo is another dish which stands for snail meat. This is added to pork or is eaten as a delicacy. Smoked pork is a staple in Naga curries and is locally known as Axone or Akhuni. Bamboo is a commonly used ingredient which is used as a medium to cook as well. One of their most famous dishes includes fish cooked in bamboo.

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Although Naga dishes can be quite healthy and delicious, there are some bizarre dishes as well. They include dog meat, mice, ants, spiders, and snakes.

Clothing in Nagaland is unique and differs a lot from the rest of the country. They are colourful and vibrant. Shawls are commonly worn in this place. They are quite famous and is loved by Indians and people from other parts of the world. Every tribe has their unique patterns and can be differentiated easily. The Tsungkotepsu is an Ao warrior shawl which has figures of tigers, elephants, cocks etc. They symbolise various qualities and represent their beliefs. Alungtsu is another traditional costume of Nagaland which symbolise prosperity. They are in yellow color dyed with various flowers.

Nagaland Clothing
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