Sound of Metal is a 2019 American film, directed and co-written by Darius Marder. This movie has won several awards including the Academy Award for Best Sound and Best Film Editing. This movie is a journey of a metal drummer, who tragically loses his ability to hear and his struggles to get his old self back.

Ruben goes into a destructive mode after accepting the reality. Lou is concerned about his behavior and sobriety as Ruben was an addict once. She contacts their manager who further provides her with a number to a rural shelter for recovering. Though on the first meeting with the shelter head Joe, Ruben declines his offer to stay with him. Lou persuades him to go back after seeing him devastated and trapped inside his own body. Finally, Ruben agrees with Lou and goes back to Joe.

The background music in the movie is exceptional !! It takes the viewer through the feelings of Ruben throughout his loss of hearing. The deafening silences will make you feel paranoid about your own hearing senses at some point, because of its excellent accuracy. Ruben makes new friends and copes up with his hearing loss at the shelter home, signifying that life never stops, doesn’t matter how difficult it gets. Ruben learns sign language and discovers life in a different way, though he is not happy.

Finally, Ruben sells his RV for bearing the expense of his implant. Joe is disappointed with this decision and compares his decision to a fickle-minded addict’s mentality. Even after surgery, though Ruben regains his sense of hearing, it’s very unreal.  Each and every sound that he hears is a mechanical version of real sound. He is all messed up after realizing that all it is nothing like what he had expected Ruben visits Lou after his surgery. Ruben realizes that the Lou he used to know, love has changed drastically. Subtle scenes like Lou starting to scratch her arms when he is around tells a lot about their relationship and previous life.

In the end we see Ruben removing his implants out of utter frustration. Ruben looks around and tries to search for life in the silent and calming world around him. What happens next with Ruben is open for debate, but one thing is for sure, Ruben is a changed man now.

Written by: Sneha Baidya

Editor and Team Lead: Ashutosh Sharma

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