Story of a woman

I was born a girl child

Who was pampered by everyone

But as I grew old, I became the bad daughter and bad sister

I could not do this and could not do that.

I grew to be a beautiful bride

And left my home for good.

In my new home

I was welcomed with loving arms.

But as days passed, I became the bad daughter-in-law and wife

I could not do this right

And did everything wrong.

Then a curse fell on me

I could not bear a child they said.

But technology came to my aid

I became a mother.

But still, I was not good.

I was horrible as can be

But I stood up and faced the world.

Then they called me rude and unmannered

And not worthy of anything.

Now I share my half home with my better half.

The allegations have made me strong

I know now that I am human as they are

With flaws that they have

But with a golden heart, they lack.

I want to be free

Break the shackled that binds me.

Let me go if I am so bad, I say

But they keep mum

Why? I ask

But there is no answer only frozen silence.

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