The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

Life is a never-ending roller-coaster of experiences. We all take innumerous decisions every day, whether it’s on how to start our day be it with a strong cup of tea or a freshly brewed mug of coffee, we constantly make decisions at every moment. Though decision-making may not seem too concerning many a time, some decisions are bigger than others, and ought to be taken carefully.

‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost is about the classic conundrum one faces while making a decision. The poet comes across a diversion and has to choose between two roads. One of the two roads is described as worn indicating that it is often chosen by lots of people. The other one is comparatively grassy, signifying that it is less traveled. The poet stood there and pondered which one shall he choose.

We all come across similar decisions in our lives. We know that though it is just a one-time decision or choice it is going to have irreparable implications on our lives. One of the options could be popular, safe, and conventional, while the other option could be unconventional, risky, and yet worth all of it. It all depends on our will and fortitude, to take the final decision, choose the road we want to travel.

In the end, the poet takes the less beaten road and decides to keep the other for some another day, though he knows that he is not going to come across this diversion ever again. Similarly in life, we take crucial decisions knowing that there will be irreversible consequences which we will have to bear no matter what.

In the end, Robert Frost introspects his decision in the future with a deep breath of sigh and says that he took the road which was less traveled, and that made all the difference. All the turn of events after that decision has shaped his life into the way it is today. Circumstances would have been different if he had chosen the other road, but that’s how diversions work, you only get to choose once. The poem comes with a strong message to take every decision in your life carefully because it alters your future for good or worse, the choice always remains ours.

Written By: Sneha Baidya

Editor and Team Lead: Ashutosh Sharma

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