THEME AREA -ideas to improve the Indian economy during and post lockdown without engendering resurgence of Covid-19 and ideas to manage the Covid-19 challenge better such as support to frontline workers (ideas about their protection/replacement if infected), livelihood support ideas to vulnerable)

Derivates are financial weapons of mass destruction” .This quote itself describes how global pandemic is causing destruction on all grounds-whether it is health, economy, lifestyle etc. Due to this lockdown, besides health the one major area which will take time to come up with this situation is our Indian economy. Therefore, as a citizen of India it’s our prime duty to help in economic growth of our country whether it be through ideas of development or by executing it through plans led by the government.

Economy is basically divided into three sectors:

  1. Primary-Agriculture
  2. Secondary-Manufacturing
  3. Tertiary- Banking, software companies etc

Due to this pandemic and lockdown the area which suffered massive loss was manufacturing area-there was complete shutdown .Second was the banking area as there were no customers for loan application, cash deposits etc. This ongoing debt has imposed government to take various initiatives like one nation one ration card, CLSS scheme for middle class people etc.

But yet there are few things which might help sustain our economic growth directly or indirectly. This might include various strategies:-

  1. Reformation for business: lessening of various steps of project proposals sent to higher authorities so that the prescribed project can be accomplished in minimum working days of
  2. Using the opportunities which are available for the beneficiary of various sectors e.g.: due to US- China trade war “Apple” is looking for relocation of its 40% production capacity from china to somewhere, so we can use it as an opportunity to provide data manufacturing place at our
  3. Allocation of various funds to MNREGA Like schemes for all the weaker and poorer sections of society, setting up new and more targets which can help them cope up this tedious
  4. Promoting online mode of education: setting up single interface for examinations at different areas so that students can easily access them, available of modules at respective universities .Being in digital world we are working in offline mode at many things and at many times .We must ensure that all these things are reachable to majority of population so that communication and development can occur at the same pace.
  5. Increase in development of public sector like hospitals etc in form of paper clearance, land availability, investment to their facilities because in these worst situations who are fighting for us without any denial is these sectors

All these various aspects which are covered in brief can be used as mitigation strategies for our economic growth of country.

Now looking on a broader aspect of society, one needs to understand the problems faced by frontline warriors, vulnerable sections of society etc. As this pandemic has put forth certain challenges that are difficult but are important for upliftment of society. This may include:

  1. Frontline warriors: these are the people other than army who stood in front of this virus with diligence. To help them we can do various things such as: proper availability of prophylactic drugs, small gestures of thanksgiving through some letters, messages, photograph of their loved ones in their lockers, small hike in their salaries during this lockdown. All these things might help them to reduce stress, give them a vision with full enthusiasm for their people of
  2. Livelihood to vulnerable sections like migrant workers by providing with all types necessities like food through one nation one ration card scheme ,communicating with them by sharing of thoughts which are motivating, positive for them to survive in this tough time and most importantly not hurting their sentiments by clicking pictures in form of doing charity, donation etc. A ban on these activities might be strict law to protect their self respect and

Providing them employment through various small business like mass production of masks via clothes, stitching technique etc which will serve for two purposes –one is by providing them livelihood and other will be protection of the people. To make them understand the proper usages of masks, gloves and hand wash etc through celebrities or inspirational figures should come up with some videos, ads to educate them in every possible way.

  1. Depression to major group of people especially children: Because of self -isolation many people are suffering from depression and anxiety attacks. Taking this into conserdation one must avoid using phone if with family, one should communicate with them through some games or some healthy discussions or with some stories of themselves that can make other person laugh or inspire them etc. For kids – organization of various competition on basic and essential things which can motivate them as well as make them learn from it like “how to wash hands-best one will win the prize “ etc .To avoid these type of stresses and depression-follow your hobbies, do meditation etc.

In the end I would like to conclude with few lines :-“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean” which simply implies that with little efforts of everyone may be the ideas of scientific field , may be the idea of staying at home or anything that follows social distancing can help us to fight against this SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

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