Watering Dead Plants: An Analogy on Life, Love, and Happiness

Sometimes, we need to water dead plants, so that the soil secures and recovers fertility, and the other plants may bloom the best they can.

If these other plants die too, we might then change the soil or add fertilizer or whatever else it takes.

After all, it’s our flower pot, and we can’t leave it empty. It has to bloom for life to have its colors and fragrances.

This soil is is the love, the dreams, and everything we long for. The water is the emotions and efforts we put into it.

These plants are the memories, the ideas and ambitions, things we cherished in life, a few gone dead with time, and a few still in the process of blooming.

The colors and fragrances are the joys of life, and this flower pot, friends, is life itself.

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