Probing the self-sphere

Hear the bells calling inside you
Read the compass fitted in yourself
You are the only one to guide you
The outside counseling would
Merely preach you the outline
The true map is actually puzzled
In the vast jungle, among the diverse blossoms, within the unknown diversities
All around your self
All inside you
And you’re the only one to fix the puzzle
Hear the call of your inner Muazzin
Open the gates of your inner Mosque
Read the motions and the interactions
Between the molecules of your construction
To know the knowledge of the working
Of the system of your-self
Don’t cling just to the skin
(Don’t believe the surface architecture)
Tear beneath the flesh into the void-
The sphere of limitless possibilities
Where there emerge
Paths to known-unknown
Undescribed-untitled directions
And you’re the centre, from where
Emerge the widening circumference
And you’re the only one to measure you
Look into your eyes through your eyes
Walk through the jungle in your-self
Collect from there the mysterious specimens
Then set the experiments in your conscious lab
Observe, observe, and observe your-self
You’re the only instrument to study your-self
Strike with an unmatched passion
Upon your silent stagnant waters
A ripple after a ripple stretching farther
A ripple after a ripple stronger than earlier
Far from the centre but linked by a force
A ripple after a ripple into a new course
And no bank should faint these ripples
No charm should deceive the flow
Keep your strings loose but in control
And see how far your circle goes
No intruder should hold the centre of your thoughts
For it is you- the king and the kingdom of

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