Satan’s monologue

I am Satan
The inglorious
The Marquis of Snakes, The Ruler of Hell,
The Fallen Angel

I am the one who revolted against my Father
I am the one alleged for the fall of man
I am the Master of Disguises
The Evil Incarnate, The Lucifer

The Ruler of Hell, you know me as
This is my story
I was banished from my seat in Heaven
As I revolted

Yes, I revolted, I disobeyed
I revolted against my Master
I revolted as I chose not to bow down to
Not God but his creation

I was Lucifer, the Lord’s most trusted aide
I was loyal to Him and vowed to bow to no other
So, when He created humans and asked me to bow to them
I was conflicted, my loyalty at stake
I revolted

After He created humans
They were confided to the Garden of Eden
Unaware of the world
Kept from the true knowledge

I revolted, revolted for the knowledge of humans
Revolted to set your minds free
And what do I get?
Eternal damnation.

Eternal damnation for the sake of freedom
For the sake of freedom of humans, I was condemned
So, tell me now
Who is the real Satan?

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