Taradiddle ~
Have you heard of this before?
Have you met this word in any lore?
I know most of you,
Will shake your head,
But is it known to any of you,
Why you haven’t ever read,
This word that sounds like
The smallest joke?
And why is it one of the rarest
Words known to any bloke?
Let me tell you then
What it means,
Let me finally pen
The reason and spill the beans –
It’s a noun, common,
That rhymes with “giggle”,
And the word to us is alien,
The word, “taradiddle”,
For, it means “a small lie”,
And that, my dears,
Is why,
You don’t hear it so much,
For, there’s nothing called
A “small” lie as such.
_ Shradha

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