The woman of your dreams

I am the woman of your dreams
A toned up perfect body standing 5 feet 4 inches tall
That loves to dress up as she wants
A dusky complexion, shining bright in the dark lane of patriarchy
A round head covered with black curly hair, firmly tucked back in a bun
Which refuses to follow your commands
A pair of big beautiful eyes lined by black kohl looking straight into your eyes
That denies the need of being protected and negates your superiority
A pointed nose standing high with tonnes of self-respect sitting on its peak
Moist pink lips that speaks the words of my opinionated mind
A long smooth neck ending at well-sculpted shoulders
Strong and determined to bear my own responsibilities
Below it lies my breasts, peeking through the plunging neckline of my dress shamelessly
Naughty sometimes but always ready to stare back at the lewd ogle of the drooling hounds
From my breasts, there goes a path, sleek and bold
That shatters the confidence of the men lurking around
The path has a deep cave in between, you call it my navel
A cave that holds dark secrets of injustices and bitter truths of your customs buried within
Then comes my slender waist, dancing to its own tunes.
My curvy hips, rounder and sexier than your imaginations
And as you call it,” My hips don’t lie”, it never lies
Never lies about the lecherous gaze it witnesses anywhere and everywhere
But still bounces around with full zeal slapping hard at your face
And then there is my vagina
Yes I have one and isn’t that the part of my body you’re fascinated about
The part that you can desire of but cannot pronounce it with your pure tongue.
Oh looking for my hymen, I may have it or may be not
But let us jump to the more fundamental question that you are dying to ask
So here is the answer
Yes, I have had sex with my vagina
Neither once nor twice, but multiple times
Good healthy sex that happened with my consent
And I enjoyed it every single time I had it
Because my vagina knows it’s ‘Right to pleasure’
And yes, I have a clitoris as well
That symbolises my sexuality, both mostly forgotten
But they exist as they existed since eternity and they will exist till eternity
Only you need to accept it
Then finally comes my arms and legs, which are in working condition
Isn’t that how much you care about them
But they are stronger than what you think
Strong enough to slap and kick you hard when you decide to allow me to pursue a job.
So that’s all about me.
Am I not the woman of your dreams
Or rather the woman of your nightmares.

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