The unpredictable days

Get ready for some excruciating reading
Tonight my pen is all set for enormous  bleeding
All you did was horribly awful and savage
It’s All Over don’t you dare salvage

Everything was fine till you lighten it up
In the nick of time you frightened me up
That thing you gave fire was not just a thing
Stuffed in it was all my faith and believing

It didn’t make you smart and cool
Rather you proved to be biggest fool
I thought I had some space in your heart
I’m sorry my bad it was only my part

I wish if you had discussed it with me
I might have left no stone unturn probably
Now I really want you to begone
I am done, now you’re on your own

Need not to regret or say sorry
You lost me forever but don’t you worry
You found a new mate
For me, it’s an unpredictable fate

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