Violence of the Oppressed

Dark cold night,
An obscure village,
Far away from the highway.
People sleeping peacefully,
Unaware of the impending storm.

Dozens of militia,
Armed with swords and guns and knives,
Stormed the village, thus breaking its peace,
Terror struck villagers, ran for their life,
Each house searched,
And all the men gathered,
Near the temple.

Thus began the midnight revenge,
The poor unarmed villagers,
Cried for mercy, prayed to God,
But to no avail, as the God,
Helplessly watched from the temple,
The assassin’s slitting the throats,
One by one, until no men remained alive.

The militias were jubilant,
At the sight of thirty four corpses,
Greeting each other Lal Saalam!!
Yet another revenge taken,
And the violence of the Oppressed justified!!

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