Was a dark sunny day when I was seated behind her
While her satiny black hair made my eyes go blur
Suddenly she looked back and started to ponder
I think she knew that I was staring at her.

I almost skipped a beat or two as I got very scared
Will she come and talk to me that’s all I really cared
All I prayed for was just a single gaze to share
While the inner me shrieked in pain that ” It’s not fair…”

I didn’t eat that day as I was so very angry
Didn’t even wipe my eyes though they were teary
Then someone tapped my back and it was scary
I then looked back and standing there was my fairy

I cried hard as my eyes were way too hefty
Then she hugged me as she knew I was testy
She then held me and said in a silvery voice that
“Stop crying and next time love a boy and not a girl instead…”.

– Ashutosh Sharma

An Ally

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