Let’s pretend

I saw you today, again, with her
laughing your heart out,
looking at her with those
heartwarming brown eyes of yours
filled with love and adoration
like you used to look at me.
You put your head in her lap
adjusting to your comfort
as she played with your hair
giggling and snorting at your dumb jokes,
just like I used to beg you
to stop with those.
You placed your hand on her cheek
and she leaned into your palm
just like I used to do
before you sneakingly pulled me in
for a tickling session.
But, God knows, for what unfortunate reason,
you turned today,
looking at me
as our eyes met,
you tried to reach me
only to be met by disappointment
as your hand waved in the thin air.
I saw the realisation
dawn upon you
as you curled up into her lap,
like a baby,
hugging her tight
and begging her not to leave you.

I know you loved me. Trust me I love you too,
more than I loved life itself.
But, for now,
Let’s pretend that we were perfect
Let’s pretend that I didn’t leave you alone to handle it all
Let’s pretend that the world is a happy place to live in
And most importantly
Let’s pretend as if we are not pretending.

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