The Love of This Era

The Love Of This Era

Probably the last time someone asked,
Their lover of what they cared truly,
Was in a love letter eons ago,
When love was not a necessity,
But rather a discovery one made.
The love of this era,
Is just probably one makes over texts,
Discussing alcohol sex and cigarettes.
Feelings within humans,
And the way they express,
Everything’s evolved over time,
And the love of this era,
Is anything but not special,
It’s like that disguise we wear,
Everyday living a lie.
Yes I am shattering a lot of opinions,
Some should say it’s rubbish.
For they think they have found for themselves,
What they feel is true.
Whether you believe me or not,
I’ll still say straight to your face.
You might relate to a thousand love quotes,
Scrolling through your news feed everyday.
But still you won’t understand,
What true love means,
It’s not in those two line texts idiot,
It’s in those letters a soldier writes to his love everyday,
And in a lot more other places you’ll probably find cringy to go through.
You’ll think it’s those 2am talks,
That brings you closer and loved.
But it’s not and let’s face it.
If you are vulnerable,
It’s not because it’s post midnight.
And your lover is there for you to hold on,
It’s because you always are all round the clock,
Gaining desires and wanting to be loved, cared.
Yeah I know somewhere someplace,
Love still perpetuates,
From nothing to infinity.
It still takes birth,
But rather than ending till death parts them,
It’s mortality succumbs it too soon.
So try to visualise this discovery of love,
And not make it your necessity.
For only the brave can have it.
The cowards have to let it go.

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